As you can see, the car is made entirely handmade and run time is about 4 months.


Due to the high cost of making the first replica, the investment in molds, tools and models, it was decided to perform a small number of cars, and so somehow recoup the cost involved the manufacture of the first replica .



This replica is made of retaining even the smallest detail of the original car, as seen in the lamp and the electric bell installed (both originals of that era).

We had to make different molds for the casting of the different pieces that make up the car (bearing, grease, transmission, etc.), And the mechanization of each piece that makes up the car.

The wheels kept the original measures Quadricycle Ford (diameter 28 "), so have had to make the hubs, spokes and nipples for them.

The crankshaft and shirts have been heat treated in order to increase the resistance of the source material, but it has affected the least in the final appearance of the car.

The various elements of wood, have been made from wood of elm and ash (previously treated).(previamelamp

Oilers spherical glass cylinders, which has been founded to maintain its originality.

Water tanks and gasoline are copper.

The ignition system operates as in the original car. The carburetor, through the linkage under the seat, can vary the engine speed in the approximate range of 100 to 1300 rpm.The maximum speed is around 40 km / h (25 mph).

The seat upholstery can be like the original velvet or leather, always keeping upholstered drawing.